The Fight for 15: A Reader

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15hrThis year has published a number of stories about the burgeoning Fight for 15 movement in Canada. The campaign has spread to three provinces, while the movement in the United States is growing. By connecting unionized and non-unionized workers in a common struggle the Fight for 15 has the potential to revamp the labour movement. The Fight for 15’s creative energy is allowing whole sections of the working class who have only been sparsely involved in the labour movement (retail workers, precarious workers, temp workers) to participate and organize for change. So today to honour and celebrate the Fight for 15 we collected a number of stories and videos about the movement across the United States and Canada. We have also included links about how to get involved.

The Fight for 15 in Canada

Workers in Nova Scotia Fight to Raise the Minimum Wage by Shay Enxuga

BC’s Fight for 15: Broadening the tent of labour by Crystal Warner

BC takes up the minimum wage fight by Tara Ehrcke

Building working class solidarity: The fight for $15 by Pam Frache

Tomorrow, Canadian workers are joining global action: The fight for $15 minimum wage by Ella Bedard

Raise the floor, overhaul Ontario’s ESA by David Bush

The Case for Increasing the Minimum Wage by David A. Green

The Fight for 15 in the United States

Fight for 15 Inspires Bold Demands by Sonia Singh

The fight for 15 and beyond by Trish Kahle

The Fight for $15 Shakes Awake the U.S. Labor Movement by Shamus Cooke

Fast-food striker: ‘I hope my daughter knows I’m doing this for her’ by Douglas Hunter

Fed Up: Women Fast-Food Workers Fight Back by Michelle Chen

The political economy
 of low-wage labor by Trish Kahle

Growing Movement for $15 by Yannet Lathrop, Paul K. Sonn and Irene Tung

The Emerging Coalition Unifying Black Lives Matter, LGBT Equality, and the Fight for a Living Wage by Ian Reifowitz

Opportunities Present for “Labor Left” in Walmart and Fast Food Fights by Ryan Hill

Ferguson and the Fight for 15 by Gabriel T. Rubin

How Seattle won $15 by Philip Locker

Workers Say the Fight for 15 Isn’t Just About Raises—It’s a Fight for Meaning in Their Lives by David Moberg

Strong Voice in ‘Fight for 15’ Fast-Food Wage Campaign by Steven Greenhouse

How to get involved

In Nova Scotia

In British Columbia

In Ontario

In the United States and elsewhere


Unions and the Fight for $15: Nicole Grant, Seattle

Unions and the Fight for $15: Nicole Grant, Seattle from Jan Haaken on Vimeo.

Fight for 15 campaign

We won $15 in Seattle – Let’s Spread the Movement Nationally!

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