RankandFile.ca job posting: Writer/Organizer

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snoopy-writing-on-typewriter-e1396399166920RankandFile.ca is seeking a writer/organizer located in western or northern Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB and the Territories) for a six month position. The new hire will work closely with our editorial team to both produce new content for the website and develop new contacts, writers and readers. The new hire will be expected to produce at least one original news story a month, participate in monthly writers meetings, solicit stories from local activists and signup readers to our weekly email list.

We are looking for an individual who is dedicated and hard-working, well organized, and who has an understanding of the labour movement. The successful candidate will be motivated, have a demonstrated ability to manage their limited time and work independently. The ability to draft news stories in a timely and efficient manner is essential.

The ultimate goal of this position is to help RankandFile.ca grow as an organization.


At least 1 labour news story a month
Solicit stories from local activists
Collect emails at actions, public meetings, and other events
Develop local labour contacts
Participate in monthly writers meeting
Distribution of R&F swag


Familiarity with unions and the labour movement generally
Ability to write and research news stories
Ability to work independently
Strong time-management skills
Basic understanding of social media platforms and Google file sharing
Basic understanding of web publishing software WordPress (not required but appreciated)


This is a 6 month contract that pays 1000 dollars (expected workload is roughly 10 hours a month)


RankandFile.ca will consider all applications, but priority will be given to candidates who identify as a member of an equity seeking group

How to apply

Please send your cover letter and resume to editors@rankandfile.ca no later than April 13, 2015 at 5pm EST. Use job application as the email subject line.

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4 thoughts on “RankandFile.ca job posting: Writer/Organizer

  1. $16.66 an hour? to do media and organizing? really?
    10 hours a month? really?
    This job is 10 hours a week minimum. unless you really arent expect much from who ever you hire

    1) At least 1 labour news story a month —- (gathering news = investigative reporter, then fact check and write the story = On a really good and lucky day, depending on how many words the story requires 5 hours
    2) Solicit stories from local activists —- meet with local activists, develop a base relationship and some trust, elicit stories = minimum 2 or 3 hours per activist
    3) Collect emails at actions, public meetings, and other events —- list building at events = organizer. knowing its best to catch people before and after, plan on being their for the duration of the event + 1.5 hours
    4) Develop local labour contacts – develop a contact list = organizer – this is time consuming and on going
    5) Participate in monthly writers meeting another 2 hours per months
    6) Distribution of R&F swag = looks like you will be tabling at events

    1. We have one paid position that produces about one story a month and does other work where and when possible. Our total budget last year was about $3,700 and we hired one person very PT. We are hiring another very PT position. No one else at RF.ca gets paid. We would love to pay more and have people work more hours, but we simply don’t have the resources. If you would like to see more paid positions or more hours please help us raise the money to do that. Thanks for your comments and understanding.

      Your comment was never deleted. They have to be approved by the moderator first.

  2. My comment deleted…
    I remember when the labour movement offered good jobs. And allowed freedom of opinion.
    thanks for reinforcing my prejudice that you guys are good at preaching to the chior, and not much else.

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