Damn the Bosses, Donate to R&F’s Spring Funding Drive

The lightning bolts are crashing, the flames are rising, and R&F.ca is emerging from its lair to slay the behemoth capitalist creatures that linger in the shadows. We summon you to join us as we thrust our bosses into the realm of the damned. Like serpents they slither across thorns, naïve to their own mortality, but the iron will of the workers will defy them. We will watch them decay as the rank-and-file resurrect.

R&F.ca has launched its Spring fundraising drive, and this time, what’s driving us is our rage! Help R&F reach its fundraising goal of $6,660 by May 1, 2015. Donate now, so we may murder tyranny with our bare hands.

You can also visit our website, and look for the “automatic billing” buttons on the left.

Why donate? 

R&F.ca is committed to building a network of rank-and-file labour activists across the country. Through facilitating the sharing of stories, experiences, debate, and analysis around our collective struggles, we foster exchanges that we believe strengthen our movement and build links of solidarity.

We provide coverage of strikes, negotiations, legislative developments, international solidarity efforts, economic policy, and the victories in between. We are committed to publishing well-researched, timely, and thought-provoking pieces that can critically inform the work of the labour movement.Black Sabbath says donate

As we build our network of contributors and readers, we are able to promote campaigns that defend workers’ rights, such as Save Canada Post, or USW’s Bottles Not Cans. Our weekly newsletter often features solidarity appeals.

It is because of the generous support from our supporters that we have been able to reach some remarkable milestones. This year, R&F.ca has consistently reached 10,000 unique visits to the site per month. In January, we hired our first part-time writer/organizer.

What can we do with more money?
To continue to grow, we need further support. New donations will help us:

  • establish a $3000 writers fund
  • raise $2000 to hire two new writer/organizers that will help us increase our geographical reach and representation
  • produce print resources for distribution in workplaces and at public events
  • alleviate the costs associated with web hosting for RankandFile.ca

Is your union contributing?
You can put a motion forward to your union local to make a small donation. Here’s a model funding request letter.

Get involved
If you are interested in RankandFile.ca and you would like us to keep you informed with regular notifications on the progress of our project, please visit the website and sign up for our email subscription. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @rankandfile.ca.

Also if you are interested in contributing either by writing or by helping to do the countless little tasks that keep this project running email us –editors@rankandfile.ca

In Solidarity,

The Fearless Undead

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