Weekend Video: What could you do with 8.2?

10993479_934749123236333_2767707259880911074_nOver 800 OPSEU members converged on Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning to send a loud message to the Kathleen Wynne Liberals: Spend public dollars on public sector services and public sector workers.

Ontario’s Auditor General reported that the Wynne Liberals spent $8.2 billion too much for 75 major infrastructure projects. The Liberals picked private companies to manage and finance the construction of schools and hospitals. Then they let go of the purse strings. Now every taxpayer in Ontario has to pay. What could you do with 8.2?

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Video: What could you do with 8.2?

  1. Catchy slogans are cute but will not stop Austerity.
    Neither will 7 am rallies at QP or at any other time or place.
    Capitalists and their servants in government need to hurt.
    Otherwise there will be no change in the attacks on workers.

  2. Slogans and rallies will not stop Austerity. However, in Greece slogans and rallies convinced enough voters to stop voting for mainstream parties. Syriza is now trying to overtly stop Austerity. There will be problems but there will be change.

  3. Rallies, slogans and other forms of highly visible activism are the only way to connect with everyday people. The Right knows this. Remember the effect of the “gravy train.” It has taken years to show there was no gravy and still people use the expression. Austerity doesn’t work and we have to find ways of communicating that. Yes, Greece is a great example of just that.

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