#BottlesNotCans The Sequel: Photo round-up

the leaflet we distributed

A second day of #BottlesNotCans info pickets hit Beer Stores and LCBO’s across Ontario this Saturday.

Customers at both stores were encouraged to buy bottles, not cans, in support of 124 Steelworkers on strike for 17 months at Crown Holdings against concessions like a 42% pay cut for new hires. The factory is producing beer cans using scabs in an effort to break the workers and their union, Steelworkers Local 9167. The large corporation also wants to keep the scabs at the plant when the strike ends, and fire 75% of the striking workforce.

Leaflets and conversations informed people of the facts of the strike and encouraging them to stop buying cans of their favourite beers.

Here is a selection of photos from actions across Ontario. All these photos can be found publicly on the Facebook event page and Twitter.

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