Weekend Video: Defending home mail delivery

0About a year just after the cuts to Canada Post were announced, Solidarity Against Austerity held a discussion about the proposed elimination of home mail delivery in Canada. The panelists make clear why this is a decision that is not being made in the public interest. The talk was held in Ottawa on January 26, 2014.

Kevin Skerrett ( 0:35 ) from Solidarity Against Austerity. Kevin moderates the discussion and provides an introduction to the idea behind Solidarity Against Austerity.

Nick Aplin ( 13:05 ) is an 81 year old senior and long time activist.Nick describes the Canada Post cuts as one instance of a scourge afflicting our current social and political context.

Peter Denley ( 18:28 ) ( CUPW) gives us a description of the recent history around Canada Post’s decision and shows us much of what has been left out of the story we most often hear in the media and from Canada Post itself.

Shellie Bird ( 37:25) a child care worker and activist with CUPE and Solidarity Against Austerity provides further evidence of the broad sweep of austerity polices and their effect on our communities.

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