The best of in 2014

Muckraker-originated-with-Pilgrim-s-ProgressIt has been a heck of a year for Our shoestring operation was able to fundraise and cover labour news stories and struggles right across this country. We had a record number of stories and contributors on our website in 2014. To celebrate this the editors at have chosen their top three stories of the year, not an easy task considering the amount of quality stories we published. Thanks to all those who have contributed to this year.

Gerard Di Trolio:

How the WSIB is failing the injured workers of Ontario Part 1 and Part 2 by Samantha Ponting

CHL and players face off over workers’ rights by Ryan Lum

Good jobs or bad strategy by Alex Hunsberger

Samantha Ponting:

Documenting the exploitation of Saskatchewan’s foreign workers by Andrew Stevens

Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement is a bad deal for workers by Gerard Di Trolio

Hudak’s gone but the austerity agenda remains by David Bush

Doug Nesbitt:

NGF scabs sent packing in Guelph by Scotty Hertz

Whistleblowers, downsizing, and safety at CN: Interview with a CN conductor by Andrew Stevens

Public lecture on C-377: Working in the shadows for transparency by Sean Tucker and Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens:

New strides where few unions tread by Samantha Ponting

The ABCs of the BC teachers’ fight by Tara Ehrcke

Merit Contractors Association attacks Nova Scotia’s construction unions by Jason Edward and Rod McVicar

David Bush:

Sex work, the law and the labour movement by Kaley Kennedy

NS Liberals vs. workers round 2: The battle over Bill 1 by Shay Enxuga

Boycott IKEA: Some assembly required by Doug Nesbitt

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