Scumbag of the Year: Call for Nominations is taking nominations for Scumbag of the Year.

Bill-Lumbergh-Saturday-quoteIn the comment section below, let us know who you think are the year’s worst bosses, scumbag politicians and right-wing hacks. There are plenty of scumbags around the world, so we’re going to limit it to Canada. will compile a Top Ten list and select a winner for 2014.

Submissions: leave a comment below by December 22 for consideration.

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18 thoughts on “Scumbag of the Year: Call for Nominations

  1. The biggest scumbag in the country is Stephen Harper. Let me count the ways: negligent on global warming, anti union laws, abolishing programs for women, deaf to First Nations’ needs including an inquiry into the 1000+ missing and murdered women, going to war in Iraq, huge job and program cuts to the civil service and many social programs, removing regulation from most rivers and lakes in Canada, disgraceful treatment of veterans, especially those with mental health needs and closing 7 veterans’ centres, getting away with election fraud, muzzling scientists and cutting research, massively subsidizing the oil and gas industry, and refusing to answer questions and lying to Parliament. Enough!

  2. Ezra Levant — perhaps the posterboy of right-wing scumbags, Levant shows just how profitable it can be to be a smarmy, bottom-feeding bigot and a shill for whichever corporate interest is trying to fuck over our planet the quickest. Redefining the term “morally bankrupt” and demonstrating the intellectual prowess of a third grader, he certainly deserves honourable mention for most punchable face of 2014.

  3. Nominate Dr Helena Jaczek the Minister of Community and Social Services for the province of Ontario. For destroying Social Assistance in the province by:
    1. Launching a new assistance management system that is actually older than the one it replaced
    2. Failing to consult frontline workers on this new system
    3. Not having one successful pilot progect for it and just rolling it out across the whole province in 2 days resulting in chaos, late or missing payments and massive overpayments
    4. Sneaking a change in that takes back overpayments from money meant to help poor clients buy medically required food for special conditions.
    5. Blaming front line workers for many of the problems caused by the roll out.

  4. Jason Kenney and Chris Alexander for their racist draconian attacks on the Filipino community in Canada and caregivers and general worsening of conditions of migrant workers. Where people who complain about abusive bosses to the media get deportation.

  5. All the scumbags mentioned here are worthy nominees, but I want to add the name of Dean Del Mastro, ex-MP from Peterborough. From Tory Ethics Committee Chair to convicted fraudster in one easy step, even when busted red-handed he maintained his bluster and blamed the judge for persecuting him. The true scumbag isn’t just rotten, he must exhibit extraordinary levels of chutzpah as well, and when it comes to self righteousness Del Mastro takes back seat to no one.

  6. I nominate Julian Fantino. After everything he’s done to Canada’s veterans, he then skips town when the AG’s report slams the government for leaving money on the table in order to “balance the budget”.

  7. In order, I nominate:
    Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and Martin Couture-Rouleau;
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper;
    Minister Tony Clement;
    Minister Julian Fantino;
    Minister Bernard Valcourt; Pierre Poilievre;
    Senators Mac Harb, Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin;
    Paul Calandra, MP;
    Dean Del Mastro, MP;
    Minister Leona Aglukkaq; and
    Jian Ghomeshi.

  8. I nominate Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil and Nova Scotia Health Minister Leo Glavine. They passed 3 pieces of anti-worker legislation this year.

    Bill 30 in the spring forced home care workers back to work before they could even strike, and Bill 37 essentially took away fair collective bargaining for all health care workers forever.

    Then this Fall, McNeil and Glavine passed Bill 1. This bill is forcing health care workers into the union of the employers choice. Glavine disappeared from the Province House for most of the debate on his own bill and stopped giving interviews. McNeil refused to talk to protesters and had dozens of police keep the health care workers from getting within 20 feet of him. While McNeil was running away from the people in SUVs with tinted windshields, he also made MLAs sit around the clock as he fast-tracked his legislation, including MLAs recovering from serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes.

    While Harper has not been good to labour this year either, McNeil and Glavine have been the worst.

  9. 1. Stephen Harper, worst mistsake Canada ever made
    2. Deepak Chopra, Canada Post CEO who has lied to too many people and said seniors need to get excercise
    3. John Baird, for creating ISIS
    4. Lisa Riatt, pusher of Conservative Lies

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