The Ontario Days of Action: A Graphic History

illustrated by Orion Keresztesi
Illustrated by Orion Keresztesi. Written by Sean Carleton and Doug Nesbitt. Introduction by David Camfield.

The Graphic History Collective has published a new comic about the Ontario Days of Action: the major protests and strikes against the right-wing Harris government in the 1990s and a major turning point for labour and social justice movements in Ontario. The new comic is another great addition to the Graphic History Collective’s growing list of easy-to-read but enlightening and inspiring ten-page publications. They are also great for organizing and educating: like kickstarting a reading group.

Orion Kerezstesi illustrations trace the fall of the controversial Ontario NDP government of 1990-95, the subsequent devastating divisions between major unions, and the story of the Days of Action.

The story includes an essential and thoughtful introduction by David Camfield, a labour studies professor at the University of Manitoba, who was involved in the Days of Action as a CUPE activist, and author of the recent book, Canadian Labour in Crisis: Reinventing the Workers’ Movement (reviewed here by

The story was written and researched by Sean Carleton, a founding member of the Graphic History Collective and Doug Nesbitt, one of the editors at

For more about the team who put it together (all union members!), as well as a handy bibliography, check out the website.

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