Campaign planning handbook: Build power through better campaigns

lccampaignbook-1The Toronto and York District Labour Council has put together a very helpful guide for trade unionists to organize campaigns inside and outside their workplace. This guidebook was authored by Rob Fairley and Mike Balkwill.

Campaigns are all about power. Understanding the power relationships that shape our world and learning how to better create our own power is at the heart of effective campaign planning.

Today we are facing the resurgent drive of global capital to change the rules of the post-war “social contract” between business and labour. Economic restructuring, technological change and deregulation pose serious challenges to us all. Workers who were excluded from the post-war “social contract” are being hit the hardest.

Relying on past practice will not be sufficient to protect living standards, working conditions and public services. A key part of rebuilding the power of our movement is improving our ability to plan and wage effective campaign. 

Click here to download the guidebook

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