Happy Boss’ Day! Because everyday isn’t enough!

QUqmhFCToday is National Boss’ Day, a day where workers the world over are supposed to show appreciation to their boss by treating them nicely and buying them gifts, because apparently everyday isn’t enough! National Boss’ Day was started in the 1950s and has steadily gained traction in many workplaces, Hallmark now offers a variety of greeting cards.

We at RankandFile.ca embrace the spirit of Boss’ Day, we believe every boss should get what they deserve. Think of all the brave and bold actions bosses take everyday in this country that go underappreciated:

  • Asking you to work unpaid hours.
  • Changing your shifts at the last minute.
  • Being a sexist pig.
  • Going after workers’ pensions.
  • Treating new hires like dirt.
  • Putting down you and your work.
  • Denying you your break.
  • Being a racist jerk.
  • Telling you to do unsafe work.
  • Asking for concessions during bargaining.
  • Ordering you to work faster.
  • Telling you not to join a union.
  • Blaming their poor performance on you and your co-workers.
  • Firing you and your fellow staff when times get tough.
  • Denying you a raise.
  • Offloading their work to you for .25 cents extra an hour, congrats you are a lead hand!

NybueZoSo instead of flowers and chocolate why not get them something more appropriate like a grievance, union drive, or a challenge to their authority?

If bosses want a day for workers to acknowledge their actions, we should at least try our best to honour their true role, which is to make us work harder for less. This Boss’ Day make sure you give your boss what they really deserve!

To help us celebrate Boss’ Day please email us (editors@rankandfile.ca) or leave a comment on this post about an experience you have had with a jerk boss.

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