Join the Reading Club in reading Teamster Rebellion

Front - Teamster rebellion (2)Are you looking for summer reading? We at have got just the thing for you. We are starting a reading club and we would like you to join. This summer we’re going to be reading Teamster Rebellion by Farrell Dobbs.

Teamster Rebellion, by Farrell Dobbs, is the story of the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters organizing drive. It describes how three successive strikes by Minneapolis Teamsters in 1934 resulted in the defeat of the Citizen’s Alliance, the dominant employer organization in Minneapolis, and established a militant union local that reinvigorated the American labour movement through creative organizing and class conscious leadership.

Written by one the participants and eventual leaders of the struggle, this book is by and for trade unionists. Dobbs’ writing still offers valuable lessons on organizing and strategizing to empower rank and file workers.

We are asking our readers to form book clubs in their community and read this trade union classic along with us.

Reading guide 

We have put together this Teamster Rebellion reading guide to help you get started. Just click here to download the reading guide.

Where to get the book

You can get Teamster Rebellion at your local library, order it online from Pathfinder Press, ask your local bookstore, or email us and we can make sure you get copies –

How to organize a reading group

  • Ask friends and co-workers to see if people are interested. Ideally you should aim for a group of people between 4 and 10.
  • Arrange meetings beforehand, either pick specific dates or establish a routine. Usually having a weekly or every other week is a good pace. We suggest breaking the reading group into six sessions with 2 chapters each session.
  • Pick one individual before each session to start off the conversation. Use the questions below if you are having trouble starting the conversation.
  • Make the reading group your own. We provided some guiding questions but this is your reading group!
  • Remember reading groups are supposed to be fun! Keep it casual over food and/or drinks.
  • If you are having trouble or questions about the reading group email us

Please let us know if you are interested in forming a reading club in your community: 

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