Interview with former CLC presidential candidate, Hassan Husseini

Following the announcement of the Canadian Labour Congress’ executive election results, sat down with Hassan Husseini, 2014 presidential candidate. Husseini ran on a platform to “Take back to CLC” through “a bottom-up, grassroots movement.” Hassan-Husseini

During the May 7th election debate at the CLC Convention, Husseini announced that he was withdrawing his name from the ballot, and endorsed Hassan Yussef. Yussef was then elected CLC President, defeating incumbent Ken Georgetti by a mere 40 votes. The race marks the first time in the CLC’s history that a presidential incumbent has been defeated.

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One thought on “Interview with former CLC presidential candidate, Hassan Husseini

  1. I am very happy with the results of the CLC elections. I sure hope that Hassan Husseini and his group will make sure that Hassan Yussuff takes the steps and stays with the commitments made to the rank and file at the Convention. I am so happy also about Barb Byers and Marie Walker Clarke, I agree with Husseini about the busing in of delegates for the vote only. Thank you Hassan H for your hard work. Looking forward to seeing what takes place in the future. As a retired Union member and activist, I applaud the stance that you and your supporters took. In Solidarity.
    Bob Peacock

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