RankandFile.ca Needs Your Money!

RankAndFile_social_media_squareDear Readers,

RankandFile.ca is currently seeking funds. Up until now we have been operating on a budget of zero dollars. We are currently looking to expand our coverage and need your help.

RankandFile.ca is a Canadian labour media project launched by union activists in early 2012. We publish original, researched news reports and analysis of major labour issues. Some of the stories we have covered over the past two years include the battle against Bill 115, the CP Rail strike, back-to-work legislation at Air Canada, the fight at Canada Post, the fight against right-to-work, the struggles of BC teachers, the 14 dollar an hour minimum wage campaign, the baristas rise up campaign and developments in provincial and federal labour and employment standards legislation. We also regularly publish audio interviews on a variety of topics with trade union activists.

Our Goals:

  1. Provide readers with relevant and informative labour news and analysis from Canada and around the world.
  2. Help build solidarity with workers in struggle
  3. Develop a coherent analysis of the labour movement
  4. Help build and connect a network of rank and file trade union activists

We need your money to help expand our reach and ensure it covers all regions of the country and workers in all sectors of the economy. Your money will help:

  • Contribute to the RankandFile.ca honorarium fund that awards contributing writers
  • Enable the production of print resources for distribution in workplaces and at public events (including buttons!)
  • Alleviate the costs associated with web hosting for RankandFile.ca
  • Help us cover labour conferences from a rank and file perspective (covering fees and travel)
  • Help us organize panels and events that talk about issues concerning the workers’ movement
  • Buy and maintain equipment such as recorders and design software programs

Our total budget for this year is roughly $3,400. Donations can be made by using our paypal account (the button is on the top left of the page). You can also put a motion forward to your union local to make a small donation, we have attached a modelĀ RF.ca Funding letter.

If you are interested in RankandFile.ca and you would like us to keep you informed with regular notifications on the progress of our project, please visit the website and sign up for our email subscription. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @rankandfile.ca.

Also if you are interested in contributing either by writing or by helping to do the countless little tasks that keep this project running email us – editors@rankandfile.ca

Thank you for reading and contributing!

In solidarity,

Editors of RankandFile.ca

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