The Hidden History of Workplace Resistance: U.S. Autoworkers Speak Out

41141850_ap_uaw_strike_071008_ms_xlargeOn October 26, 2013, the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly organized a panel about shop floor   organizing that is happening in the U.S. auto sector. We are reposting this talk because it touches on a number of important tactical questions relevant to all rank and file activists.

The talk was moderated by Tracy Macmaster, President of the OPSEU Greater Toronto Area Council. Introduction by Sam Gindin. Presentations by:

  • Sean Crawford, great grandfather was Vice Chair of the Flint sit-down strike (1936-37) and great grandmother and great aunt were part of the Women’s Emergency Brigade. Hired on as lower-waged (‘second-tier’) worker at GM plant in Flint, Michigan.
  • Scott Houldieson, Electrician at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant, writer and editor of the local union paper, long-time activist for union democracy and equality among workers; “Exceed Our Expectations.”
  • Gregg Shotwell, 30 years at General Motors. Machine operator turned rebel. Generally recognized as one of the most articulate voices of the U.S. working class. Author of Autoworkers Under the Gun.

These videos originally appeared on Leftstreamed.

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