Unifor Interview Series: Roxanne Dubois on Community Chapters

In our third installment of the Unifor Interview Series with union leaders, staff, and rank-and-file members, we speak with Roxanne Dubois about Unifor’s Community Chapters. Roxane is a staff member of the CEP and now Unifor, and is a former chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students. She presented a discussion paper on community chapters at the Unifor convention.

[audio:http://rankandfile.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/RDfinal.mp3|titles=Roxanne Dubois interview]
(also on youtube)

Unifor Interview Series

Thursday, September 11
Bruce Allen, Vice President of Unifor Local 199 (formerly CAW), VP of the Niagara Regional Labour Council

Friday, September 12
Lindsay Hinshelwood, Ford Oakville autoworker, Unifor Local 707
Lindsay wrote the following reflection: “Unifor’s Founding Convention: The Predictable and the Unexpected.”

Monday, September 16
Dave Coles, advisor to Unifor President Jerry Dias, former President of the CEP

Tuesday, September 17
Gary Engler, Vice President Unifor Local 2000, Media Union of BC (formerly CEP)
Gary recently published two articles at Rabble.ca available here and here.

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