Rank and file podcast with Kyle Buott

325710_10151059379628150_1705244807_oDave Bush speaks with Kyle Buott, President of the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council, about trade unionism and worker activism. Kyle addresses the political importance of local labour councils in regional labour movement struggles and building solidarity between workplace issues and social movements. [audio:http://rankandfile.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/kyle_buott_final.mp3|titles=Kyle Buott, Halifax-Dartmouth District Labour Council]

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6 thoughts on “Rank and file podcast with Kyle Buott

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  3. Great stuff content-wise but also good to see you producing pods. Be wonderful if this became a regular thing and was registered on iTunes etc so easy to find. But before (or mebbe even after) you start your own weekly podcast, RadioLabour might be interested in carrying some of your stuff. see http://www.radiolabour.net.

    1. Great idea, Derek! We don’t have the resources right now to get our weekly show back on the air – to do it well requires about 10-15 hours of work for a really well-written, well-research and well-produced 30 minute show. But sending anything new we produce to radiolabour.net (and other labour radio projects) is a great idea.

      Btw, I don’t know if you remember, but I got stewards training with you at CUPE 3908 in Peterborough back in 2007. My buddy and comrade John Rose introduced us. Keep up the great work!!!

      In solidarity,
      Doug Nesbitt

    1. Nothing like a delayed reaction: If you didn’t know, RadioLabour is produced in the editor’s spare bedroom in Peterbrough and is still going strong. Some collaboration might make things easier and doable all around.

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