Labour News Update – July 28 2013

A weekly digest of labour and labour-related news


PSAC going to federal court over forced vote at CBSA
PSAC communication, July 2013

Ratification of Agreement Ends Airport Strike
PSAC new release, 22 July 2013

Air Canada pilots none too trusting of management, union after labour negotiations
By Scott Deveau, Financial Post, 23 July 2013

Ex-employee: Mall owner slave-driving, unethical boss who ignored safety
By Colin Perkel, Canadian Press, 26 July 2013

Toronto Hotel Disparages Striking Workers as ‘Animals’
Newswire, 26 July 2013

U.S. Steel meets with the union (USW)
CHCH, 28 July 2013

US Steel representative insults steelworkers at a town hall

Kendra Coulter, Brock University Labour Studies professor, talks about barista organizing in Halifax
CKTB 610

Contracting out, wage system among issues dragging out Ikea labour dispute:
Company, union differ on tougher benefits rules

By Zoe McKnight, Vancouver Sun, 24 July 2013

The Political Justification of Migrant Workers in Alberta, Canada

Considering a series of oil-driven economic booms, the use of inter-provincial and international migrant labour has become an important part of labour market policy in the Canadian province of Alberta. The increased use of temporary foreign workers is controversial. Narrative analysis of legislators’ statements in the legislature and the press between 2000 and 2011 reveals the government using three narratives to justify policies encouraging greater use of foreign migrant workers: (1) labour shortages require migrant workers, (2) migrants do not threaten Canadian jobs and (3) migrants are not being exploited. Close scrutiny of each narrative demonstrates them to be largely invalid. This suggests a significant disconnect between the real and espoused reasons for the significant changes to labour market policy, changes that advantage employers and disadvantage both Canadian and foreign workers. The findings are relevant to understand the political dynamics of economically related migration.

Peterborough Workers’ Action Centre
Facebook group

Cabbies consider protest after driver beaten
By David Churchill, The Spec, 23 July 2013

MPP hopes bill will put a lid on labour monopolies
By Amy Kenny, The Spec, 22 July 2013

By the numbers…

Construction Union Wage Rate Index, June 2013
Statistics Canada, July 2013

Average weekly earnings (including overtime) for all employees – Seasonally adjusted
Statistics Canada, July 2013

Average Weekly Earnings: Wages vs. Hours & Salaries (CCPA analysis)
Erin Weir, USW Researcher and Research Associate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, July 2013

United States

Division over union: UAW push to organize Alabama’s Mercedes plant could be felt throughout the state
By Dawn Kent Azok,, 28 July 2013

Viewpoint: How to Make Verizon Hear Us Next Time
Labour Notes, 23 July 2013

We’re Taxing the Rich… and So Can You
By Fred Glass, Labour Notes, 22 July 2013

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