Andrew Jackson Progressive Economics Internship

A joint internship with the Alternative Federal Budget and the Growing Gap Project

About the Alternative Federal Budget

The Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) is one of the CCPA’s longest running projects, now entering its 20 th year. It consists of 27 chapters written by over 90 contributors. Each chapter examines a different federal issue and progressive policy prescription for each. All policy recommendations are fully costed and paid for within a larger macro-economic framework. The implications of AFB measures on the federal debt, deficit and employment are also determined.

About the Growing Gap Project

Canada’s income gap between the rich and the rest of us used to narrow during good economic times and widen during recessions. That trend has shifted, as more Canadian households find they’re working longer and harder just to keep financially afloat. Many are falling behind.

The Growing Gap team tracks the changing nature of Canada’s economy, work and income trends, and policies that help or worsen the problem of income inequality. The research to date has been clear: Governments have a strong role to play in implementing policies that help keep a lid on growing inequality, to make sure Canada’s economy works for everyone, not just a privileged few.

The CCPA is an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with social, economic and environmental justice. For more information, visit .

CCPA Senior Economist David Macdonald will be the primary supervisor for this position.

Job Responsibilities

The Intern will:

  • Research and review relevant academic and policy literature concerning income inequality in Canada;
  • Organize meetings with various AFB writers and contributors;
  • Review individual AFB chapters and the macro-economic framework;
  • Assist with other data analysis and report writing, as required. Some of this will be generic research assistance to David Macdonald.
  • Skills and Experience Required

The successful candidate will be:

  • An upper-level undergraduate or graduate student;
  • Able to use spreadsheets at a high level;
  • Able to program and work with large databases would be an asset;
  • Knowledge of statistical programs (spss, etc) would be an asset;
  • Familiar with Canadian data sources, Statistics Canada, Bank of Canada, etc;
  • An excellent writer who is able to synthesize complex ideas and translate academic concepts for a wider audience;

Contract Details

The contract begins September 3 rd , 2013 and ends on approximately December 20 th , 2013. This position will require two full days (16 hours) a week, though the scheduling and distribution of hours may vary from week to week according to the needs of the project (and will be determined between the student and the supervisor). The student will be responsible for tracking and managing work hours in conjunction with the project. The contract will require the student to work at the National CCPA office in person. The student will be provided with a workstation at the Ottawa office.

The internship will pay $4,600 for the fall semester (September – December) for approximately 250 hours. This includes pay in lieu of vacation.

To apply:

Please submit a cover letter, your CV, and at least three references by 5:00PM EST, Monday August 5 th , 2013 to Jason Moores:

  • by email to — please send PDFs only and put “Progressive Economics Internship” in the subject line
  • by fax to 613-233-1458
  • by mail or in person to 251 Bank Street, Fifth floor, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1X3
  • Interviews will be conducted the week of August 12th, 2013.
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