Labour News Update – July 22 2013

A weekly digest of labour and labour-related news

Halifax coffee shop workers in unique drive to unionize
CBC, July 21 2013

Unionizing baristas symptom of job crisis in NS
Halifax Media Co-op, July 15 2013

EI Whistleblower suspended without pay
CBC, July 20 2013

Coca Cola workers: locked out and fighting back, July 17 2013

Unionized workers threaten summer job action at Vancouver airport
Vancouver Sun, July 10 2013

Flight attendants push for union at WestJet
Calgary Herald, July 18 2013

Temporary Foreign Workers shortchanged
Alberta Federation of Labour, July 16 2013

Employer blacklist empty despite labour complaints from foreign workers
Global News, July 16 2013

Edmonton senior care workers mark 100 days on picket line
Edmonton Journal, July 14 2013

US Steel asks government to help end Lake Erie lockout
Hamilton Spectator, July 15 2013

Canada Post worker fired by mail after OT complaints
CBC, July 17 2013

Ottawa picket action wins owed wages for fired worker
Ottawa Citizen, July 16 2013

Young workers take it in the teeth waiting for a dental plan
Toronto Star, July 12 2013

CUPE member hit by car at North Vancouver picket line
CUPE, July 18 2013

Harper adds 8 new faces in major cabinet shakeup
CBC, July 15 2013

Canada sinking fast on global list of job creators
Jim Stanford
Progressive Economics Forum, July 17 2013

As a former rail engineer, I need to speak out
Montreal Gazette, July 12 2013

Former locomotive engineer quit the MMA Railway in 2007 for fear of safety
CBC Radio, July 16 2013

Railway involved Lac-Mégantic disaster lays off 19
CBC, July 17 2013

United States and International
Heat Wave Prompts Fast Food Strikes in Chicago and NYC
In These Times, July 19 2013

McDonald’s serves up a Minimum Wage “McManifesto”
Common Dreams, July 19 2013

Detroit Bankruptcy Takes Aim at Pensions
Labor Notes, July 19 2013

OECD Economic Outlook 2013

Where did our rights come from?
CAW, July 10 2013

Ontario: $14 Minimum Wage campaign

Ontario: Defeat the Liberals and PCs! OSSTF District 9 campaign

Solidarity: Toronto’s Locked-out Funeral Home Workers

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