Baristas Rise Up in Halifax

The low wage service sector is one of the most difficult sectors for workers to form unions.  The small workplaces’ lack of union tradition, high staff turnover and aggressive anti-union managers and owners in the sector have meant that most unions have stayed away from… Read More

Coke and polar bears and profits

by Dan Bouchard Recording Secretary of CUPE 2544 This week I began my holidays. The previous week I had assembled a long “honey-do” list of items that I had planned to take care of. Amongst the top of them: staining the deck, sealing the driveway… Read More

Ken Coran: Anatomy of a Sellout

by Doug Nesbitt Recent Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) president Ken Coran shocked many teachers, education workers and trade unionists this past week when it was announced he would run as an Ontario Liberal in the London-West by-election later this summer. Why would Coran… Read More