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Briarpatch Magazine is half way to its goal of recruiting 40 new subscribers. In 1973 the magazine was launched as a radical voice for Saskatchewan’s poorest citizens. Over the years it has seen both provincial and federal sources of funding dry up for political reasons. Now more than ever it needs your support. Consider joining as a regular sustainer.

Each and every new sustainer gets the goods:

  • A self-renewing subscription to Briarpatch and printed thank you in every issue of the magazine.
If we reach our target of 40 new sustainers, that means you have a ONE IN FORTY chance of winning. Not bad, right?

Already a sustainer? Increase your donation by $5 or more and you’ll be included in the raffle!

Join our growing community of Sustaining Subscribers by calling 1.866.431.5777 or texting “40” to 306.209.9110. We’ll follow up fast

Briarpatch has never been like other magazines. We don’t rely on government grants, wealthy benefactors, or corporate advertisers. We’re sustained by our readers, who know we don’t just report on social movements: we help build them.

Briarpatch punches well beyond the weight of its limited resources: just this month we beat out CBC’s The National and the Ottawa Citizen to win a 2012 Canadian Association of Journalists Award.

When you give to Briarpatch you build a platform for independent journalists, activists, and above all, social movements. Briarpatch is a forum where the vexed and the visionary come together as we build our shared capacities to understand and transform the world.

Sign up to be one of 40 new sustainers today, and watch where we go next together!

Visit to find out more.

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