Labour News Update, 30 April 2013

Changes to Canada’s federal temporary foreign workers program: Is there any difference?

Foreign Workers Canada: Tories Change Course On Controversial Program

Wildcats in Alberta: Is labour militancy on the rise in Wildrose country?

Alberta jail guard wildcat strike leaves main courthouses in gridlock

Alberta jail guard union fined, found in contempt of court

Workers on strike waiting to be arrested

Wildcat strikers defy order to return to work; Lukaszuk says strike has become dangerous (video)

Labour unions and labour pains

CAW economist, Jim Standford, talks about the economic importance of unions. Check out his presentation, “On Guard for the Economy”.

CBC’s “Labour pains: Do unions still matter?” town hall. Take notes on what John Mortimer, chair of the anti-union organization, LabourWatch, has to say about the relevance of unions in Canada today.

Are businesses ramping up their assault on labour? Despite profitability, U.S. locks out its workers at Lake Erie Works

U.S. Steel’s Lake Erie workers reject final offer

Locked out: U.S. shuts down Nanticoke plant for 2nd time

Labour relations and employment standards legislation in Saskatchewan: Unions across Canada need to pay attention

Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal rules that the Public Services Essential Services Act, which significantly restricts the right of public sector workers to strike, is constitutionally valid. The Court also decided that the government’s legislation that makes it more difficult for unions to certify and allows employers to communicate “facts and opinions” with workers during a union drive, is also constitutional.

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) president, Larry Hubich, discusses Bill 85, the “Saskatchewan Employment Act” on’s Red Eye Collective podcast.

Workers’ collectives and anti-unionism: The struggle at Just Us! In Halifax, Nova Scotia

Just Us!: Cease all anti-union activity! Reinstate terminated employees! Recognize workers’ right to form a Union!

Ex-Just Us workers ‘want to talk’

Bangladesh factory collapses: Profits & exploitation in the global textile industry

Fast, Cheap, Dead: Shopping and the Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Bangladesh building’s owner arrested attempting to flee

Bangladesh factory owner could face 7 years in prison

Anger builds as Bangladesh gives up hope of more survivors

Bangladesh rescuers dig deeper as death toll passes 300

Loblaw eyes better oversight after Bangladesh factory collapse claims hundreds of lives

Loblaw to compensate Bangladesh victims; Weston says collapse was ‘inevitable’

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