Rank and File.ca is Looking for Writers and Contributors – Please Spread the Word

Calling all writers and trade unionists!

Rank and File.ca is looking for writers, contributors, and people willing to help promote our website.

Rank and File.ca is a new Canadian labour media project launched by union activists in early 2012. We publish original, researched news reports and analysis of major labour issues. Some recent examples include the battle against Bill 115, the CP Rail strike, back-to-work legislation at Air Canada, and developments in provincial and federal labour and employment standards legislation. Rank and File.ca also publishes statements by union members who seek to promote alternative viewpoints regarding ratification votes, union strategy, and union elections. We publish such documents in the interest of fostering democratic debate within unions.

Our Goals

  1. Provide readers with relevant and informative labour news and analysis from Canada and around the world.
  2. Help build solidarity with workers in struggle
  3. Develop a coherent analysis of the labour movement
  4. Help build and connect a network of rank and file trade union activists


Our Principles

  1. The labour movement and our unions have to be democratic and membership-driven.
  2. The interests of the labour movement cannot be separated from the interest of the poor and the oppressed.
  3. The labour movement exists to change society; to defend and advance greater political and economic rights and democracy.


How you can contribute

  1. We need writers! We want to increase the perspectives and diversify the voices at Rank and File.ca. We are seeking reports or analysis about the Canadian labour movement. We welcome contributions from new and inexperienced writers and our editors will provide editorial assistance when requested. Articles should be approximately 750 words (but we will accept shorter or longer pieces).
  1. We also encourage aspiring journalists to send us photos, video or audio from strikes, lockouts, labour conventions, and other events with a brief summary.
  1. We also need to spread the word about Rank and File.ca with unions and their members. Please promote us on Twitter @rankandfileca and Facebook. From time to time we will be producing flyers that can be handed out at events, meetings, rallies and picket lines.



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