Rank-and-file OSSTF statement

A group of rank-and-file OSSTF members have released this video highly critical of their union’s campaign against Bill 115 and relations with political parties. Associated with the video is a petition to push the OSSTF executive in a different direction.

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One thought on “Rank-and-file OSSTF statement

  1. So Wynne’s win seems to be another loss for ETFO and OSSTF.

    Kathleen Wynne’s win. More of the same? Where to go when there is no room for negotiation?

    Question at today’s news conference: The unions have said they won’t bring back extra-curriculars unless you re-open the contracts.

    Wynne’s response: I am not going to pre-empt that conversation. I am very clear with them that I am not going to rip up those contracts. But I’ve also been very clear that we have to engage in a conversation about extra-curriculars.

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